Unity in Difference

We all evolved from the same energy.

We all came out of space, to this rock.

Through a mixture of chemical reactions and incredible force, Earth and everything possible within its atmosphere was born. For eons and eons life as we know it developed here, and we from that.

What we now find ourselves in, is nothing but an illusion of separation. We think that the other guy is the one creating our problems, that if somehow, something could just stop, everything else would be alright. That’s actually the problem.

Every single thing we think, say or do has an effect in this universe. Both directly on our health, wellbeing and environment but also indirectly on others, the collective conscience and universal energy.

There is no separation between us and them. There is no shadow without light. There is no existence without intention. There is no answer without question.

So if you’re feeling some kind of way about everything that is going on at the moment. Rather than worry or pass blame (neither of which change a thing) think about what YOU can actually DO that would make you FEEL better about it all.

It might not change the world. It doesn’t have to be grand. It doesn’t even have to be public. Just become curious, inside and out. Learn about your place in society, and the world. Discover your privileges and get comfortable with your shadows.

The only way we can now move forward is together. Unity is the only thing that history has shown us to work well for humanity, like you, and me. We had a good old run doing the divide, conquer, rape, pillage, kill and eradicate thing (albeit some of us more than others). Enough is enough.

Although we might not be taking part in any of that shit directly, to remain neutral, or uneducated, or “unpolitical” and silent when others are still actively participating in all of those things, is nothing other than collaboration with those energies.

Everyone finds themselves on this planet for a reason, all this diversity exists for a reason and that should be protected above all else. We are part of it and benefit from it, so why wouldn’t we participate in cherishing it, learning about and integrating it rather than exploiting, wasting and annihilating it. 🐛

“Everyone has a responsibility towards this larger family of man[kind], but especially if you’re privileged, that increases your responsibility.”

Susan Sarandon

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