Underwater Love

I want to be where the people aren’t, in that magical aquatic world that many are afraid of because they don’t try to understand it.

From the second my fins hit the water I instantly feel appeased, regardless of what is happening on the surface of our world. Learning to scuba dive, to appreciate an ecosystem that is so essential to our lives up-top was hands-down my favourite education to date.

The fish, crustaceans and plants have their own rhythms below the surface and it is intriguing, mystical and inspiring to see such natural forms going about their daily life without so much as a care for what humanity is doing.

This world of ours above and below the surface is under immense pressure due to our destructive human activities. Even in the most remote of places the effects of our carelessness can often be seen and felt by those with enough awareness to care.

Scuba diving isn’t the most ecological of activities, even if some schools are more aware and respectful than others. However, diving does open many eyes to the fragility and wonder of our world. It was the catalyst that helped me make many positive changes to how I behave during my daily life.

Conscious of my personal impact on various ecosystems, I developed a desire to balance out the damage I had done previously and that is sustained continuously by others.

I now don’t eat any fish or meat, I refuse pointless plastic, I dedicate my spare time to research and boycott brands that disrespect animal, plant and human life wherever possible, I circulate more money to support those that do respect the life essential to the health of our planet. Most of all, I hope and pray that others can find a similar love for their natural environment in whatever way possible, before it is too late.

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