Time to Get Ugly │ Fertile Resistance

When the means of subsisting correctly have slipped into the hands of psychopaths, there must be fertile resistance from those that wish to keep living outside of this assault.

Image Credit: La Relève et La Peste
For time this need for fertile resistance has been established and evident for all who search and ponder.

If there is any doubt about the need for fertile resistance outside of these mega-systems on your part then please move along, get the pricks and the chips. Do as you are told without further a do OR devote yourself now to learning something new.

Countless resources exist.

Wonderful men and women giving their energy to this fertile resistance. An incredible wealth of knowledge born of pure respect and wonder for what nature gives to us.

For any that quest for the real, there are no excuses for remaining ignorant to what threatens our integrity as a true part of that primordial love.

Fertile Resistance Spoiler: We Win

Those that endeavour to peel back the layers of lies now find clarity, truth and power to implement the necessary.

We are no longer docile or submissive.

We are fertile, resistant and fierce, and we defend our pack.

Now is the time to find the answers contained deep within.

Our soul is ancestral and artful, we have always been capable, even if we have been tricked or misled.

Nothing can longer be hidden from those with even the tiniest glimmer of hope and warmth in their heart.

Return to the bosom of nature, remember the wild, be brave in the face of adversity and trials.

Lessons and growth await us. The resistance is fertile.

Courage to face truth and continue in love is ours always if we honour the real respectfully.

“Black and indigenous farmers have been practising this form of [living] agriculture without any specific title or performative acknowledgement for generations…”

Angela Dawson.

For too long we have allowed colonial forces to stronghold our earth and our fellows. Can we STFU now and listen?

We’ve been told, continued attack on the feminine will not birth anything natural.

We cannot hope to sit pretty and get a different result.

Time to get ugly.

To change.

To disrupt the expected.

Time to explore other ways as passed in truth from generations outside of synthetics.

Avoid allegedly new solutions to these ancient problems.

Our ways don’t hail from artificial means they flow from our mama nature and our loving hearts.

Time to get ugly.

The resistance is fertile.


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