Healthcare Workers Still Un-Cack-Scene-Hated

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Healthcare workers.

Recently I learned that many countries have reintegrated the excluded healthcare workers.

For my own peace the past few years I have sought to learn and say less about our most recent “health crisis”. However, given how close this hits home, I just can’t keep it shut anymore.

Most healthcare workers gave their all in a provoked climate of fear. Yet the nations saw fit to accolade them by tapping on pans, whilst their unscrupulous colleagues racked in the likes for bravely dancing on the front lines of social media.

Admittedly, healthcare workers have been pushed to the limits of what’s generally considered reasonable in our so-called civilised societies for as long as the industry has existed. Can we cut them some slack for letting off steam in this way? I’m not so sure.

Yet when some healthcare workers said no to a decision that wasn’t their own, they were suspended without pay. Allegedly putting the entire world in danger for refusing to offer their bodies to the rushed, experimental and under-tested *cack-scenes that were failing to prove any worthwhile efficacy.

In hindsight, it ought to be evident that those novel *cack-scenes didn’t do as supposedly designed… At least to anyone that doesn’t have a vested interest anyway.

Many that were pricked are suffering irreversible and tragic side effects, only putting more pressure on healthcare services. Sadly, for now, it seems the majority of the population remains duped.

Indeed people died, like they always do. I don’t mean to come across as callous. Forgive me, but shall we talk about all the other fabricated, man-made, industrial *eppy-demis of destruction or wait until they tell us which hashtag to use and the authorised time for tapping on pans?

Nevertheless, some managed to inform themselves outside of mainstream control, whilst observing the real events taking place around them.

Considering all angles and realising that the level of mass-incited panic wasn’t really called for. Looks like the doubts of those instinctively refusing to get *in-cock-you’ll-hate-it have been confirmed tenfold as nothing short of valid.

Seeing things first-hand, could these otherwise healthy and compliant healthcare workers really be blamed for choosing to sit this one out?

Apparently, stubborn France is the only European country to be lagging behind this creepy turn of events, where the aggressively shunned healthcare workers are once again desperately desired!

Lickety-split, varying numbers of *un-Cockvid-cack-scene-hated and insolent French healthcare workers will be called to return to their previous positions (or similar) like good little farm animals. Shake it off as if it was all just a bad dream.

After first being shown apparent love (?) by the tapping of pans to then being ridiculed and vilified by their dancing conforming peers.

Trigger warning – levels of abject absurdity during one of “the worst health crises to shake our world” are off the charts – viewer discretion advised, lower sound to mitigate soul-crushing auditory infection –

The expectation is for the *un-Cockvid-cack-scene-hated healthcare workers that refused to participate in the circus, to now put aside all their silly grievances and once again dance serve selflessly for, and alongside, those that have so vehemently ostracised them. All whilst still being vastly undervalued, overworked and underpaid, might I add?

It is my understanding that failure to accept their previous boss’ demands without qualms will see them once again sanctioned and finally eradicated from the professional body for good. Talk about a sensation of déjà-vu.

It appears that this move to re-establish the *un-Cockvid-cack-scene-hated healthcare workers is not without further conditions either. Should the requirement for *Cockvid-cack-scene-nation be restored in the future, then STRIKE, they’re out, AGAIN.

Drum roll please, and the award for the most toxic relationship goes to… If it didn’t already sound like the hokey-kokey, does it now?

Ancient healthcare work when removed from the hands of women and witches took a strange turn.
We often look at the science and technology of the past with bewildered mirth yet forget that the things we accept today will undoubtedly be reflected upon in much the same ways.

As medical deserts abound in France, there is a serious lack of qualified healthcare workers to support the needs of a sick and ageing population.

The whole system is barely hanging on by a thread, hurtling towards total automation via robotics and synthetica.

Alongside the rest of our established status quo, it has all been crumbling and orchestrated that way for decades anyway.

Yet, for a population that has become entirely dependent on what the state daddy tells them and offers them without reflection, it seems that pushing those out who were willing to try and save it all from collapse certainly wasn’t the right move.

Even if I dare say that the energy of those smart enough to ask more questions would be best invested in creating something different outside of these infected systems.

Alas, many still believe we live in a free world, a democracy to be voted for, a fair game of equals, transparent, trustworthy and somewhat safe.

Where the options available to us in our structurally colonial societies aren’t just an illusion of choice spun to separate us and gain shamelessly from our diversity and energy. Essentially to further trap our souls.

The whole *Cocker vid narrative is only the cherry on top of a cake built on twisted, dodgy governing over the ages. Here we are in a reality where left is right and right is left, where up is down and down is up… We could then be forgiven for not knowing where to turn!

Since time began we’ve been persistently living amongst warped societies where profit and production are the Holy Grail. No matter the cost to us – the human population and our natural home.

Where endless lies have become accepted as truth, madness accepted as sanity and manipulation taken as care.

Even if many are unable to grasp these intricacies consciously, the reality of this has obviously contributed to pushing individuals even closer to the edge of no return.

The fact that many are running into transhumanism without question, honouring sickness amongst us, identifying as anything other than what they truly are, desirous to live out their days in digital worlds and still going along with such assault to our primordial natural being is telling.

The increasingly dystopian reality in our upside-down world has only added further stress and trauma to those already overwhelmed by the expectations of existence amongst this pitiful standard.

Maybe we are already part of the machine and the prophecy is just playing out as ordained.

Most are born into dynamics of a world that appears to be totally deranged. Surrounded by behaviours that have compounded this detriment into their genetics for generations and generations. So far detached from nature that anything I say coherently through love for what we truly are sounds like madness and hate.


Natural, organic woman gushing dangerous words.

Living in a dangerous fashion. 

Dangerously attacking the established way.

Resisting *Ze Greet Reezette and dangerously inciting others into freedom of thought and being.

How dare she? Heresy to eradicate and be burned at the stake.

Wipe it clean, shave it off and make it up until danger no more.

Order ab Chao, Lux in Tenebris or whatever.

How dare you?

Given it has been aeons that our souls have suffered this forlorn structure, it seems very few have the capacity of oversight or awareness to be able to consider or change things for themselves. Least of all imagine that we have any power to do anything outside of what we are given and told.

These days more and more of organic life is under control.

We ask the state daddy for permission to strike and manifest our displeasure.

We follow arrows and get stamps in our access passes.

Eyes glued to screens, opinions moulded by media.

Communities and structures all built on illusions.

A house of cards, so to speak.

Neighbours, family and friends hastily cancel or denounce each other to get one up as a “good citizen”, proudly displaying their badge of honour and compliance cards.

Any dissenting opinion that gains traction and isn’t useful to an organised faction is censored. Efforts to create coherent, natural communities outside of it all are often contaminated with perverted egos or demolished with aggressive repression.

Most structures in place, no matter how alternative they may appear, only seek to continue this dependence and destruction of our natural liberty and individuality further.

Until there is no other option, we must all align under one rulership.

Take the chip and bonus social credit points so kindly offered to us for our unwavering allegiance.

I might joke often about it but I doubt it is a coincidence.

AI is what it is because it has taken and distorted from our organic creation.

As we collectively continue to destroy our options for purity of life and willingly replace them with artificiality and synthetics. I can only watch in despair as I see us trundling on without consideration for the bigger picture.

Wild, mysterious, unpredictable nature. Coded, streamlined, reduced. Becomes predictable. Categorised into convenient datasets, homogenised and standardised.

Finally, from total wonder and unorganised chaos comes dictated order. Artificial light floods out the fertile shadows of creation. The vast and diverse world of energy aligned to the decreed Holy Trinity, thus reduced to duality, once again becomes singularity.

Is anyone out here really asking who’s benefitting from this?

Are we simply returning to the source code of artificial creation?

Apparently unified behind all these filters and AI-approved appearances, it might seem like society is more agreeable, or at least smoother and sexier!

With the latest “exciting” Digi-developments and thinly veiled artificial domination, I doubt it will solve any of our deepest woes as promised.

Our souls hunger for the ugly, messy uncertainty of love and truth.

Unlike the *Cockvid cack-scenes, history has shown the playbook to be extensively prepared, tried and tested of course.

Create a problem, conveniently offer a specific solution and close out any and all that come against it as dangerous disturbers of the inevitable arrangement.

The tale is timeless it seems. We just change the players and the teams, but the game stays very much the same.

Working in a chain is not human, the labour may be different but the effects similar for healthcare workers in our productivity incentivised industries.
Optimised and quantified, all together now for the greater good aka someone’s bank balance.

To me it is no coincidence, that the things that ought to honour life, be simple and free, the very things that can help us heal and regulate our nervous systems so that we are no longer dependent on the decaying systems are increasingly not.

Such as wild nature, wholesome nourishment, healthy relationships, unpolluted environments and products, astonishing artistry, etc; the things that produce clarity of heart, soul and truth…

Basically, all things that ought to be untouched by the greedy hands of industry and those that richly profit without a care but somehow, are found increasingly under every whim and control of those indeed benefitting without a care.

For long now I look on horrified as I see how all must be quantified and accounted for to please. Planned, proven and projected. Encrypted and analysed. Optimised, compartmentalised and televised.

All packaged in so-called pretty, little boxes for likes and allegedly offered for our “greater good” so that we may live “in security” of how the few dictate.

So disorientated are we, that the many uphold the perverted hierarchies because the manipulation has made it feel easier, safer and better that way.

It is no wonder so many are lost, sick, not naturally thriving amongst it all for we are an inextricable part of the natural symphony, the ancestral being we seek to destroy.

Yet still, in haste to accept the lies, we continue to detach and attempt to control the mystery and magic present in the flux of organic, natural life.

Healthcare workers, from one cage to the next.
Time for an updated order, enjoy your new (C)age.

To pretend it doesn’t exist, claim to know it and hide the rest behind empty facades of interdiction or ridicule. Spray it all with chemicals and cage it behind restrictive fakery.

Ladies and gentlemen, put on your masks and disguises, the show must go on.

Just follow the arrows, stand here, like this, do that.

For what man does and states above nature is the only way.

Most, unwittingly doing the utmost to uphold the very colonial structures that seek to syphon us as a valid and uncontrollable part of nature. To eradicate this ancestral love flowing through our souls, this pure, perfect life that we are.

Obviously, there are conditions and intricacies to this turn of events (and our mass-produced world at large) that willfully escape me. I claim to know nothing but attempt to share how I feel, often through words that are indeed lacking the profundity of my emotions.

Being one to avoid points of mass movement and opinion since the beginning of it all. As a youngen, I did become hypnotised by some for a spell, so I have comprehension and patience for those still trapped in hypnosis.

Now wily and wiser, the farce dictated by the latest thing has no strong hold on me. I look on with passionate disgust and vague (ironic) amusement as the circus and the wheel of absurdity keep turning.

Maybe it is all an illusion and resistance is futile.

Despite now mostly avoiding giving further energy to the things I see no value in. Focusing on maintaining truth in organic intelligence rather than fully succumbing to what feels continuously deceptive and increasingly artificial.

This story with the healthcare workers was the drop that made the glass overflow. I couldn’t help but materialise these observations and thoughts into text this time. Indeed using the artificial technology I critique, I know.

At the moment, I’m still participating for one reason or another. Even if increasingly the goal is to do so in the least ways possible.

Regardless of the choices made by those I disagree with, I have compassion for most, deceived and disorientated in a world set up that way.

Unlike many I’ve observed, it seems I can feel clarity and guidance outside of this control. My ultimate goal is not to merge with machine but actually to detach further.

Perhaps until I become fully one with the forest floor, a branch of mycelium, or a wave in the ocean, a simple grain of sand; a mere speck without these intangible and supposedly dangerous ideas that appear to be so grand.

Until then, as always, I invite you to receive these words with an open heart and quiet mind. To look for the truth within, without being led astray.

May this interaction give you this pause for thought and inspiration to break away, to disobey in your very own ways.

To try, however you might, in creating fertile spaces. Where natural, organic life once again abounds against all malicious code and artificially destructive plans.



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* Why are some words misspelt?

Free speech is a myth. Words have been willingly misspelt to avoid being further flagged and overly penalised for my apparently increasingly dangerous opinions by the overreaching machines and all-go-rittems allegedly put in place “for our security”.

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