Where Does it End?

Where do you actually think the rubbish we create ends up? In the bin? Right, but then where? How does all of this rubbish end up soiling our beautiful home? How does it end up in our clean water stores and food chain?

We are obviously far too educated to leave stuff lying around in public after our joyous summer picnics and BBQs. Never would we throw anything out of the car window, nor chuck cigarette butts carelessly on the floor. We might even go as far as sorting and recycling our rubbish. Avoiding single-use altogether and maybe even opting only to purchase amongst items that can be recycled otherwise.

Yet do we really know what happens when we separate from our pollution? Once that trash hits the bin, we think very little more about it, least of all whether it actually ends up being recycled as intended, or even treated correctly and effectively. Is it actually just polluting our planet even further, in spite of our best efforts? Probably.

The only way we can safeguard the abundance nature offers us and our future generations for free is to look at how we interact with it. Are we really making choices in line with our beliefs? What use is recycling when the company you bought the product from is one of the biggest polluters? What use is paying your taxes when those in charge of caring don’t?

We can make this place greater. We can leave something even more wonderful behind. Wouldn’t it be a shame to die without even trying? Wouldn’t we rather look back on this passage of life with our hearts so full of love from what we finally created, instead of being all flat and deflated from what we completely decimated? Probably.

Single-Use Plastic Cup at Sunset – Found Polluting L’Etang de Thau, Sète

If you too have started thinking about this very real issue, I invite you to read the ebook The Englishman Who Wanted to Clean France by Edmund Platt and myself. Start participating in the solution.

Updated 30/12/2021

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