In Death, Nothing Stays Unchanged

Buckle up, grab a cuppa, perhaps a smoke and a pancake, it’s kinda wild and long. So come on…

It does indeed seem like nothing on this planet lasts forever, except maybe diamonds and plastic (and quite possibly also foolishness, observable through the rising favour for transhumanism and the metaverse, lol fun times ey?!).

In a “real world” that appears to be enormously lacking logical coherence, we could be asking ourselves what we can do right now to make it more coherent. Right now, we could be creating space for our varied and gentle expressions to co-exist kindly, rather than amplifying despair and allowing our darkest aspects to run the show.

So many advances, so much change, yet here we are, still killing, dominating and culturally cleansing ourselves and each other in fear. Here’s that ever-applicable phrase I love to use; we can change the players, even change the teams, but the game stays much the same. For now, it appears all we are capable of is pointing fingers and passing blame. Tirelessly fanning the flames of unhealthy competition and useless victimhood. Looking to the financially-set and power-hungry “professionals” to guide us whilst conveniently avoiding bringing them or ourselves into question or taking any responsibility for it at all.

When in reality we could be learning a new game that doesn’t benefit the same old cheats and posers over and over again. Building something simple yet wholly wonderful. Something that honours humanity through our integrated differences, celebrates and allows a real container for natural development, a potential of possibility to be learned from, in balance with us all here and now. Rather than continuing to behave mindlessly, or vindictively, as we have been led so far, clearly to our own collective detriment. Wasting our perfect, coherent, natural expressions in an illusionary and heavily manipulated experience that only really benefits a few who couldn’t care less for our general and ongoing wellbeing as a whole.

Many of us are under the spell, following the pied piper of industry to auto-lobotomy. Giving in to a poor copy of our magnificent potential in an unnatural, synthetic and further controlled universe where we still aren’t actually free from the increasing tyranny. Another new normal that only serves to further propagate our collective unconscious shadows through thinly veiled hatred and sustained destruction of what makes us truly human, and a part of the great symphony of biodiversity upon this incredible planet.

We are not pitiful or powerless amongst it all. Nobody is. These are both choices and conditioning. Albeit ones that often remain occulted through well-studied programming and manipulation of trauma. Yet, we all have the capacity to wake up to our true nature and stop participating in this poisonous man-made charade. We can all start asking more questions and begin making choices that truly align with the life that animates the material meat body we walk around in. So then why not choose to be great and fearless in spite of and in the face of these challenges? Only we can decide what narrative is playing out in our experience of life here at any time, so why not choose to at least play something harmonious and repairing amongst it all?

Dropping all the preconceived notions we have about things or even ourselves, be they positive or negative, allows the free development of potential in said things. Observing without judgement, analysing with wisdom, gently course correcting when necessary. With each new day, aspiring to operate with compassion for all and a thirst for inner knowing is how we harmonise, both within ourselves and what we experience outside of ourselves. Allowing the dismantling of everything we think we know, everything that was given to us by school, religion, family and friends, colleagues, peers and previous experiences. Seeking the courage to learn from different angles is vital, especially ones that oppose our accepted view. Only the genuinely foolish think and claim they know it all and the powerful, yet psychotic, prepared to impose that on the world.

At the end of the day, we might not be able to agree on what is right or wrong, or even align our knowledge to create something useful whatsoever, but we can be unified in accepting the fact that all physical, natural expression of life on Earth eventually dies. That is, the physical matter we’ve called life does, or rather it changes, it cycles, not different from all that can be observed in the natural world around us, especially when left respectfully to own devices and not exploited selfishly or embalmed in toxic processes and polluting compounds.

It all cycles, much like the rising sun and tranquil passage of the stars and planets in our shared sky, the tremendous ebb of tides and predictable phases of the reflective moon, the flow of rivers and flurry of forests. That is unless we continue to manipulate them, dry them up, block them and cut them down with cupidity.

Ecosystems are completely synthesized, genetically engineered, innovations invented, perversely inverted with projections and calculations that correspond to absolutely nothing beneficially real and perceptible for us all. Until every last one is quantified and commodified for the highest, best-placed bidders to make way for our evermore “profitable and productive” prison of manufactured industries that further disrupt the true expressions of life everywhere.

If we can avoid these incessant and self-involved interventions, anyone could see that life naturally cycles in symbiosis with a much bigger aspect that is likely out of our comprehension. On a basic level though, we can all witness expressions of life grow, increase in mass and then shrink, decompose and reduce in mass, returning to the earth before sooner or later, contributing to another incredible natural expression of life here. Only our attachment to man-made illusions, corrupt constructions and overproduced waste remain off-key and destructive to the whole process of perfection and natural cycles of life that simply are.

The harmonious energy cycling within all that is living is true life. Whatever the outward expression, life energy is released from inside the container of our physical bodies upon death, and this energy of life cycles on to express something else, either here, or why not elsewhere in the macrocosm? At least that’s how I see it, I appreciate that we might differ on this view and that is understandable and even acceptable. Yet nobody can deny that death currently happens to all things living naturally amongst us. Regardless of those claiming to know more than others, I guess for now, what happens after death is still up for debate. Nevertheless, I have my opinions and recently read a thing that resumes my sentiment well, even if I forget the author and the exact wording now, it basically went something like, “I do not believe in life after death, there is no afterlife or before-life, life is forever and it goes on perpetually.”

Ultimately, I don’t actually think of death as the opposite of life, but rather that death is the opposite of birth. To put it another way, near the beginning of our “life” experience here on this earth plane we are born and at the end of it we die, but the life that runs through that passage in itself just is, it goes on before and after whatever it is that we experience here. Unlike everything else that appears in the paradox of this dualistic realm, life is pure and has no opposite. Thankfully it is a part of us like we are a part of it. Life is what links us through others like us and also those wildly different to us, to all the varied expressions of animals and plants on this planet. None of Earth’s living life is actually separate even if it appears to be, even if it has become completely detached and at war with itself currently.

My wish is that more can learn to appreciate and protect everything naturally sustaining our connection to the ongoing current of real-life, rather than this fixed concept of “life” or should I say our personal, material experience in the body that developed from the time we were created, which is just a fleeting moment. After birth, experience life in whatever way we might, there is naturally no escape from increasingly approaching the doorway of death. As far as I am aware, no organic thing is spared from experiencing death after being born here, no matter the length or perceived quality of the material experience that we understand as “life”, so we may as well make peace with that.

I think when death comes, if we have lived as much as possible according to our deepest integrity and values, we can then accept the potential, grace and beauty of that misunderstood passage to another experience. An experience that doesn’t necessarily just come to an end, but one that could very well sound a new start. Regardless of what is believed to happen after we die, even if it is the anti-climax of “nothing”, we can live an experience whilst we are still breathing here that honours our deepest connections to all that is pure life within us.

For the time being, it seems this is in total opposition to many around us that fear inevitable death, potential nothingness, eternal torture or divine judgement, so much that they refuse to truly live with life now. Forever ruminating on the past or worrying about the future is not being real in life. Accidently or willfully attaching to fabrications, fantasies and phantoms; some of us are as connected to life as the walking dead.

Grasping at any old proposition to exist easily in this diminished expression, irrespective of the vested interests one has in offering such things to us. Much like those that are misguidedly gagging for the pushed use of experimental procedures and drugs or to willingly merge with the machine without so much as a question about what it means for life in it all. Gleefully ignorant and acceptive of twisted promises to go on in this consumptive, superficial way “forever” in some synthetic, illusioned copy of life that has been created by those who are entirely detached from the natural currents of it. Sadly suppressing their integral instincts and grit, deleting humanity, be it in the metaverse or some other freak show we allow the elite to conjure up for us as a distraction from actually being here, entirely open to life, right now.

However you may see the technological developments of our times or the passage of death, you have the opportunity to do something aligned to life and what is truest within you now, but you can’t do that when you are absentmindedly marching to the beat of another’s drum. Of course, anyone can choose to play something harmonious in it all, naturally balanced, simply beautiful, whole and healing, something maybe even aligned to and useful for past and future natural expressions of what we have called life here. We have the potential, so why not participate wholly with integrity in the orchestra of the living whilst we still can?


Updated 31st January 2022

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