Who’s in the Driving Seat?

Updated 14 July 2022 – Original post from 22 November 2019

Etang de Thau, Sète, France

Who’s in the driving seat?

Since birth, almost everything we have learned through media, marketing and industry has been to program us, to take from us, in energy and finance. Aren’t you truly tired of it all?

The current system is organised to provide us with an illusion of choice, an end goal of material possession and ego recognition that keeps the greedy wheels of our industrial, colonialist society turning on autopilot. What happened to us?

Even if it may masquerade as wholesome, loving, ethical, ecological, green, human or giving. Whatever is flowing along the mainstream is ultimately conceived to take the money we give so much energy working for and nothing more. Not to give back on our investment by way of functioning societies with caring institutions, not to enrich or improve our lives and future, but rather to wear them down, to destroy them. A terrible waste of human life, and nature. It is a thinly veiled slave system that mocks our true life principles.

As far as the system goes, we are as developed as can be yet there isn’t any care for our well-being, our health or our overall sense of self in this synthetic world. Why would there be when there is a profit to be made at our expense?

That’s fine though. Why would we trust anyone else with any of that anyway, right? It is our job to take control of what we are consuming, where we are putting our energy and how we are spending our money. So then we must ask, are we really choosing what we are giving ourselves on a daily?

It is essential to look deeper, keep an open mind and ask more questions about the things we allow to take place in our lives. No matter how uncomfortable it may be, we have control over improving things in this domain. Wouldn’t it be time to take over the reins and indeed be in charge too?

Challenge your beliefs. If you watch TV or read the news regularly, spend way too much time staring at screens, eat processed foods and especially if you haven’t changed in years, just start now. Take the first baby step to a richer existence by questioning EVERYTHING. Don’t let anyone decide what is right for you but you. Not even me. Explore outside of the boundaries they’ve so ardently imposed and fray your own path that truly suits your deepest essence as an individual.

Start by asking more questions for yourself, learn more about the things in your life and how they either serve you or enslave you. Make your own choices, not the ones conveniently handed to you through habit or because everyone else is doing that and it seems easier to just fall in line. Even if it seems like an effort, or inconvenient, remain persistent in exploring other things. This will pay off, it is so worth it. You are so worth it.

Just start now, you can already choose to take back your power right here, right now. This world is yours, now work for it. 💙

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