Check Yourself

Check yourself like you check your plants, animals and children. Are you dehydrated? Do you need more light? Better nutrition?

How are you speaking to and about yourself? Is it soft and sweet like a rose? How are you speaking to others, or about them? Is it a tornado full of thorns?

Regardless of who is the receiver and whether you vocalise any of it or not, those thoughts code, that brain makes waves on the fabric of our cosmic ocean, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant they may be. Nothing is lost, energy flows all around us, so be mindful of what you are cultivating in your mind garden.

Cultivate your garden.

This is one of my personal challenges too. In a world so concerned about what is happening outside and having an opinion on it, it is easy enough to participate without consideration for the unseen energetic imprint it leaves in our world.

I often fell into the trap of holding others to certain standards because I used to be so tough and unaccommodating on myself. Yet if we can flip that, cultivate a space to grow harmoniously within and start trying to comprehend ourselves deeply, that comprehension naturally extends to others.

The compassion we cultivate for ourselves can only overflow to include others. When we help ourselves grow in honour of life, it is only logical that this in turn helps others thrive too.

We have the choice to prepare the terrain for the world we want to live in, give life back to the soil and help everything flourish inside and out, or we can just continue to allow the diminishing and destroying of natural, harmonious and healthy blooms for all of us.

I don’t remember who said it, but it is important to fill your own cup first, you can’t even begin to fill others’ cups if yours is empty. Similarly, if your cup is full of toxic shit, you are only going to fill others with that too.

Change starts from within, so look at your terrain. Is it healthy? Is it flourishing? Is it accommodating to life and ideas? Or does it need work before new seeds can germinate and dazzle with their blooms?

P.s. stop waiting for some mystery gardener to clock in and do this on your behalf, they are not coming. It’s you and the time is now. ❤

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