Happy Place

The ocean. The catalyst. The source.
My happy place. My second home.

As soon as I learnt more about what is under the surface, I knew something had to change.

Getting my divers license two years ago has been pivotal in generating such positivity in my life. It opened my eyes wide. Since then I can’t get enough of the mysteries nature holds below the surface (and above it).

Every immersion is a chance to step outside of space and time. Each breath taken with the help of the tank grounds the present moment perfectly. Every fin kicked procures the sensation of gliding effortlessly like a cloud through the sky.

Yet the oceans are alien to us. Out of sight, out of mind. Exploited and ignored, they are incredibly fragile and have barely been explored. It’s madness, when they are right here on our planet, not far from our doors.

Every opportunity to learn more, to return to where our human life evolved and marvel at what nature sculpted in our absence is one I’m taking, fo’ sure.

So if you’ve ever thought about diving, or even snorkelling, and haven’t tried it…make it your intention to discover this year. Take the time to find ethical, professional dive centres and learn about what you are likely to see underwater beforehand to get the most out of it.

Take the plunge, try something new.
See you on the other side 🐙

Updated 12th January 2022

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