Mama, We Got Lost

Updated 22 July 2022 – Original post 10 March 2022

Mama, we got lost.

Humbled, now we awaken.

Aware of the spells.

No longer hypnotised by the lies.


Learn respect anew.

Time to find the way back home.

Cultivate our connection to all that makes us worthy human animals in this extended family.

We are fully whole, diverse children of this beautifully natural planet that sustains us.

Rebuke the synthetic systems of destruction and domination that wish to assimilate us into desolate worlds.

Consent will not be given, bye.

Flee those that abuse and exploit.

Run from so-called elites that appeal us to war. Restricting our movement based on whims of false kings. Miss all the calls for blood to be shed in our names.

Feel strong, fear not young one.

Welcome the wisdom within to spot the difference between purity and problem.

People active in perfection.
People know their power.
People rise.
Outside of constructions made entirely for our demise.

My friends, it is done.

Now lap up the love of our great mother.


We are coming home.

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