Real Living Ones

Let’s talk about plants, real living natural ones, not plastic ornamental ones that only end up in landfill and polluting our beautiful, natural environment.

Why are *real* plants in the home important?
– Can improve air quality
– Reduce stress
– Procure feelings of joy
– They look good

Now we are all super busy, I get it. Looking after oneself and maybe even others doesn’t make adding to that load with green friends so appealing.

Just let it be known that there is a plant for every level of investment desire. I personally do not like spending my life endlessly watering and catering to my plant’s needs.

Naturally, I choose (very) low maintenance plants, plants that don’t mind being forgotten and that even love a bit of neglect like succulents and cacti. They are easy to grow here because of the climate, this might not be the case for you. Yet there are a lot of different plants that love different types of environments, light levels and temperatures.

Taking a little time to learn about your plant choices, what they need and how to care for them properly is obviously best to avoid any premature deaths. This not only sets you up for success, avoids wasting money and resources but also means you can be pretty much hands-off later, if that’s the type of plants you choose.

Plants in the home allow us to reconnect with our deepest most natural aspects. Looking at them, sitting near them and caring for them can improve our mood and help us to get grounded. As our modern lives become more and more detached from the nature that sustains us and keeps us healthy, it is so important for us to find ways to cultivate that forgotten link to what makes us thrive as humans.

We are nature. Do whatever you can to remember that, daily. We must learn to protect nature as much as we have known how to destroy it.

Remember to go outside too! In a world that is changing so unnaturally, the need to reconnect and ground in with real changes, the real ebb and flow of our natural environment becomes even more important. This living world is magnificent and you are part of it, make it count.

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