We Don’t Have a Climate Change Problem

We don’t have a climate change problem. We have a human problem. We have a lack of respect for each other and our home problem. We have an unbalanced sense of entitlement problem.

Nature changes, that’s what it does, that’s what it always has done and will continue to do, with or without us. If we as a species have survived until now, it is because we have proved adaptable, resilient and capable of living in harmony with the raw power of such an incredible force. Yet the fruits of our biped complacency and continued desire to profit above all else are ripening. The oil-slicked and plastic infused tides have been changing for quite some time, and the effects of such exploitation are finally starting to be perceived by many outside of the global south.

In my humble opinion, the problem is trying to maintain abusive, elitist, destructive systems in our attempt to navigate planetary change. Systems that benefit barely anyone but those putting them in place, and those willing to crush others for that bitter taste of power too.

A bottle cap and shotgun shell, carelessly discarded, long forgotten and left polluting a “protected” natural site that’s home to vital marine and land ecosystems. Obviously, I binned them, why do you think we still find these things in our natural habitat?

We have a pollution, profit, domination, enslavement, and ego problem here. Practically everyone is pointing fingers at someone else whilst the brunt of the work of cleaning up the planet, is handed over to us – the lowly citizens.

Nearly everybody has something to say about what someone else should be doing, without, for a single second, thinking about what they could be doing.

This keeps us bickering and distracted, whilst the authorities and mega-nationals rub their palms, scratch each other’s backs and find another pie to stick their fingers in and royally fuck right up.

Meanwhile, even more of our natural heritage is being overtly and covertly decimated under our noses and we are slowly being poisoned and sterilised silently. All whilst the beneficiaries of these global industries and projects are enjoying their private islands and hunting estates amongst acres of protected and privatised biospheres.

Don’t be fooled by the seemingly positive push that the ecological movement is receiving of late. Sure, many people are waking up to a long-overdue and essential reality check. Yet, the sad state of matters these days is that whenever something gets as much traction and popular support in our media-controlled, capitalist world, one must stay wary.

We are being taken for a jolly good joy ride pals. We are being made to believe that humans (as in you and me, not the mega-rich fraction of society) are the sole cause and perpetrators of all our problems. This doublespeak simply isn’t true. On the contrary.

While we all have a personal duty to reduce the negative impact we have on our planet in ways that are coherent with our values, we mustn’t get sidetracked with the toxic elements and well-shrouded lies that the current climate narrative is inseminating the brains of well-meaning people with.

I rebuke the theory of overpopulation. There is space for everyone on this earth. If only everyone had the desire to hate less and love more, we could surely find solutions that honour the life in this realm. 🌍

Updated on 1st December 2021

‘Man’ by Steve Cutts

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