Stay Home and Fuck Off

Interesting municipal art in Banyuls, France, outside the town hall… a homage to those dead of c0ckvid… who were not expecting it… the sign also goes on to say thank you to the healthcare staff who assisted during the pantdo0mic

It is interesting then, that those very same staff now face expulsion from their careers and professional passion, rejection and ridicule by their peers, after receiving enthusiastic accolades from the entire country at 8 pm every night, the tables have well and truly turned.

Now, after having invested much time and finances into their life’s work and putting themselves on the line so selflessly during the very same pantd0omic, should they not participate in the open-air experiment of mass gene therapy, never before tried on hue-mans on such a scale, and with inconclusive long term studies, all before next week, they will be struck off and left to their own devices. Many have worked on the front lines for over a year and a half without even contracting this supposedly highly infectious virus, nor have they seen masses of supposed instant or slow death relating to this bogeyman in their professional activities.

It is against the logic of any truly scientific, and conscious mind to engage in coerced participation under such circumstances, yet many now have no other choice, they are being denied the right to wait for more conclusive data or the right to choose not to participate with their bodily vessel that hasn’t failed them or the countless lives they’ve saved yet, all because they are treading that proverbial water above the jaws of bank loans and conveniently programmed lifestyle choices.

Another interesting thing about France is that it is now mandatory to show a sanipass to sit in terraces and restaurants, yet walking just next to those places is open to all? Does the covid not make the leap between passageway and terrace? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the incoherence of all that is taking place before our very eyes, least of all a doctorate to analyse the blatant pisstake of it all.

Yet somehow we continue participating, and somehow I still wonder when will enough be enough?


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