A Mere Speck

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

Carl Jung

There’s something so delicious about surrendering yourself to the present moment. Something shifts and allows you to fully stand inside the immensity of the universe. Something that makes you realise although you are a mere and insignificant speck in the fabric of reality, it is where you are meant to be right here and now. Something that allows you to recognise yourself fully and that which is truly important to you.

Take time to find the beauty in nature around you and right there within you, because that’s the only thing that is real. You are insanely powerful, and everything you do has an effect here. This planet is paradise if we choose it to be. Take a deep breath, renew yourself, savour the smell of the fresh air and always remember that you are loved. Your life on this planet is a precious gift to all of us, so act accordingly. 💙🌺

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